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Vivid Photo Sutdio Privacy Statement

    Vivid Photo studio is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and other users of its online services.

    We follow these policies:

    Personal Information:
    Vivid Photo Studio does not sell, share or rent customer's personal information (e-mail addresses, physical addresses, telephone
     number, etc.).
    If Vivid Photo Studio experiences a merger or acquisition, the new controlling entity will respect the policies described in this page
    when handling information gathered under this policy.

    Order E-mails:
    When an order is placed, you will automatically receive an e-mail at the time of order placement and when the order is shipped.

    Vivid Photo Studio E-mails:
    All customer service is performed via e-mail,so if you request customer service from or if an issue arises with your
    order, you will receive e-mail.

    Customer Communications E-mail:
    We may occasionally contact you via e-mail to check that you are satisfied with your order or to ask for suggestions for improvement.

    Future Changes:
    Vivid Photo Studio has no reason to believe that this policy will change, but if a change does occur, it will be posted to this page.


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