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Vivid Photo Studio

Vivid Studio is a professional photo studio. Vivid Studio has been in business over 25 years providing photoshoot services for family, business headshots, birthday, newborn, couples, weddings, portraits, pregnancy, graduation, passport photos and more. We provide in studio photoshoot as well as on location photographer services. Our photo packages are inexpensive and very flexible. You can always find the package that fits what you need.

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Professional Photo Studio Service FAQs

What type of studio photoshoot service do you provide?
We have been providing professional studio photoshoot services for business headshots, birthday, portrait, baby, family, pregnancy, newborn, graduation, wedding, first communion and any type of studio photos for over twenty five years.

How should I prepare for my studio photoshoot session?
We recommend our customers fix up their hair and wear appropriate clothing which should show the best of their look.

Where will be my photoshoot session taking place?
In our photo studio.

What is the cost for a photoshoot session and what does it include?
We offer a variety of affordable photoshoot packages. Please take a look at this link to see the details.

Do I have options to pick the background or backdrop that I like the best?
Yes, you can take a look the backdrops from this link. Also, we can change the background to the color that you like.

Can I change my outfit in your studio?
Yes, we have change room for changing clothing and makeup.

How long does the photoshoot session last?
Normally, it will take around 20 to 40 minutes. Within the session, the trained photographer will help you to create different poses to show you the best look.

How can I see the photos that you took in the photoshoot session?
Right after the photographer completed the session, all photos will be displayed on a computer. You will have a chance to look through all the photos, then pick the ones that you like.

Can you retouch and enhance the headshots that I picked?
Yes, after you picked your favorite photos, we will work on the photos to ensure you will have the best look.

Do you offer both digital photos and prints?
Yes, we offer both digital copies and prints. You can choose either one or both digital copies and prints. Please see the details from this link.

How long do I need to wait to get my photos?
You will get your photos within the same day.

Do I need to make an appointment for my photoshoot session?
Yes, please make your appointment online from this link.


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